Romantic Fantasy Novel

Earth and Claws

In a world where kingdoms are won in a Game, believing that everyone will follow the Rules is hazardous...

A powerless daughter of a powerful king. A swordsman who doesn’t serve anyone. An enchanter for whom pride is everything.

“You will look beautiful in a diadem… and a leash.”

When Lannahi discovers that she is a pawn in the perfidious plan of the man she once loved, she has only one option—in order to save her family, she must take part in the Royal Game.

But no one can win alone.

Lannahi has to duel to take power, but she will need allies to retain it. The interest she sees in the wolfish eyes of a recognized warrior gives her hope, though she doesn’t lower her guard. The man has connections with powerful rulers from the region where lies the city she intends to conquer. She doesn’t know where his loyalty truly belongs, but she knows that the love of a fae usually has fangs.

“That he knew one of her weaknesses disturbed her. That he wanted to help her overcome it touched her. The thought that he might wish to gain her trust only to betray it later paralyzed her.”

The Game starts.

Losing means slavery.

Losing means death.

“You will have to be cruel, Lannahi.”
“I know.”

For the fae there is no good or evil, only pride and fear.

What Readers Are Saying

"What a terrific story."

"...brings a unique twist to a classic genre."

"Very good book with a very similar vibe to GOT and LotR."

"The love between the main characters felt real, the challenges they faced realistic and we feel the pain & desperation of the heroine on a cellular level!"

"A beautiful world created for an amazing main character to fight the norms and make herself and her way known to all. Read this book if you love strong women who fight for the right to be equal with everyone else."

"Let me tell you, I simply could not put this book down. This novel is just masterfully written to tug on your emotions, the imagery and scene building is just beautiful, and the magic aspect was just so intriguing to me. Lannahi's tale was an enchanting roller coaster every step of the way and I loved it. I would find myself thinking about it as i did things throughout the day, and I just had to keep coming back to it!"

"What a wonderfully complex story. It has a slow start but once it gets going I was completely hooked. This is a fantasy story with romance and a lot of suspense. I was held captive while reading and struggled to put this one down. The world building is phenomenally done. The different layers of fae and how they all interact was superbly done. I was excited to meet new and figure out their powers and how they are involved. How everything someone says or does has an underlying reason or hidden agenda would drive me crazy because the characters have to always be on their toes and thinking of different angles."

*** Prequel Novella ***

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Fae Fantasy Romance Novella: Whisper of Blades and Leaves by Lena Abram - Banner